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I am neither here nor there
I am somewhere between the present and nowhere

My body’s present but my soul isn’t
You see me reading the Qur’an but you don’t know it….you can’t see it…..

My Lords hand just grabbed my soul and dunked it in an ocean of divine knowledge,

Of divine wisdom, where words know no boundaries,

My spirits present in the world of the unseen,

In the world of the unseen,

Where endless knowledge is imprisoning me

And I’m struggling to breathe as sanity is escaping me

And all that I knew is leaving me like I’m going be killed,

But i’m just an empty vessel waiting to be filled

As I’m neither here nor there
I am somewhere in between the present and nowhere

Where there’s no escape even if I had my guns cocked

My souls locked, my souls locked

And nah this aint nothing to do with the cops my body’s still around the block

But my soul’s not, my soul’s not,

It’s being reprogrammed in another place,

As I turn page after page my souls being set ablaze

So the next time you see me I’ll be spitting fire on the stage

Burning it to a crisp

In the world of fiery knowledge is where my soul is

In between the present and nowhere as no one goes there

Heightening your sense of security

And heightening your sense of fear

This unseen world ain’t no make believe

The black cloud in my eyes showing its possession of me,

Flowing through my blood stream

Replacing my empty words with kerosene to blow up the poetry scene

Because the force behind me aims to take me higher

As I return to this world with the spirit of Malcolm X

Possessed by the fire of the Ghost-Rider

Intending to commit revolutionary suicide,

It is from this mic where this world will be revolutionised

With words as their meanings have no boundaries when they terrorise

Those that terrorise and keep the will of the people from being televised

As there’s another force roaming the earth,

There’s another force roaming the earth

Every time we speak, read or write,

These words just come alive

like the grim reaper reaping for hearts and minds

And I gave them my life, I gave them my life

To heal a world that is disturbed

Because that is the power of the spoken word.


He returned to the city of the lost
Where all hope was lost
Due to the actions of crime families and bent cops
As justice was slain and anarchy reigned
Like the darkness of the night
Where evil came like torrential rain
Making the innocent pay for their lives
And their predators were paid for their crimes

Blocking out the warmth of good’s sunlight
With the city covered in darkness in the daytime
But hope breathed one last sigh
Hope breathed one last sigh
And goodness wiped away the tears from its cries
Now that his sign soars throughout the darkness of the night
Now that his sign soars throughout the darkness of the night
Fear has been put in its rightful place
When he lost his parents to crime at the age of 8
In front of his eyes
A moment he was traumatised by
Until it was engrained in his brain
Which gave birth to something courageous and brave
As he responded by bringing a crusade
After he found himself in a cave
Learning to spread his fear of bats
Throughout the city like a plague

He was going to die is what he was told
But the prodigal son returned to face the shadows
In the form of a tortured soul
Where darkness gave up the fight and embraced the hope
Marking the return of justice in a darker form
And now the dark skies where evil reigned from
Are the same skies where justice rains from
By cooking up a storm

Which casts fear in the back of every criminals spine
With hair standing on the back of their necks
Due to the fear of the creature of the night
When they see his sign soaring through the skies

hope lights up the night
To see evil stare death in the eyes
Because justice never died
It slept with the darkness
And gave birth to the dark knight


The rhythm of life

The silence is beautiful,

The silence that surrounds us is more powerful
Than the noise made by a car, plain or a train
The silence would be more powerful if it wasn’t so conditional
By so many people too busy trying to get from A to C
Forgetting about B, brushing passed you and me

And if they brush passed you and me what makes you think they’ll give a damn about that guy in the street

Or console a mothers weep for her loss but I guess we’re all lost……..but then again the silence is just beautiful……
The silence is beautiful
Just close your eyes and drown out the noise to feel your heart beat and you’ll realise
That you need to make this a regular ritual
And its a healthy sign but due to the hustle
Our lives ain’t synchronised to the natural rhythm of the element that can connect us to the spiritual

So we go on as if it’s business as usual ignoring the fact of life that it is the silence that we can’t ignore,

It won’t stop it won’t just stand by the door and continue to knock, there will be a day where we will answer to God
Regarding His call if we were to just take a time out and just listen to the silence it’s actually really not silent at all,
It’s in harmony as God is the composer and the rest of creation is His orchestra,
Just go to the beach and listen to the waves of the seas
Or go to the forest and listen to the flapping of the leaves
Or just for once feel the energy by walking on the earth in bare feet,
There’s a connection, there’s a harmony, and we’re God’s lost sheep when it doesn’t have to be,
You can take a time out to remove the blind folds of the busy cities, remove the blind folds of our families,
Remove the blind folds of lifestyles, cars, mobile phones and tv’s

Remove the noise of the people walking, or the builders building or the birds singing

To connect with the force that gave birth to humanity, that is in tune with us all spiritually,
Yes take time out in the silence and feel its rhythm and feel its beauty

This poem is dedicated to the Muslim Youth Helpline. I wrote it to highlight the types of clients that call us, the issues that they face and the need for an organisation such as the Muslim Youth Helpline

Hello……Is there someone there……Is there someone at the end of the line…..Please pick up I’m scared

…..please pick up…..nobody cares…..nobody’s there…..it’s for my life I fear….my minds unclear…….

I don’t want to go through this no more…..it happens everytime…..everytime he walks through those damn doors…..

and no one can do anything about it….can’t even dial 9-9-9……

they’re saving everyone else’s lives but who’s gonna save me from mine…..who’s gonna save me from mine….

I need someone to save me from mine…..someone pick up!!!!……because if he rapes me one more time….I’m gonna give up!!!

I’m in a mess…..watching the drips of my own blood…..I don’t wanna live here…..but I don’t wanna leave here……

if he touches me again…..I’m gonna visit my only friend……the angel of death…..

if he even so looks at me again…..tonight it’s gonna end… If he even so touches me again…tonight it’s gonna end….

And if he crawls on to my bed……that’s me dead….that’s me dead…..I’m not taking it no more…..just one more time….

and I’m using this knife to take back what’s mine……i’m using this knife to take back what’s mine….my innocence….my life…….

you see he keeps on making me think it’s my fault…..it’s my fault…..because I’m a girl…..and maybe it is my fault…..

maybe I done something wrong to deserve such a sadistic uncle….

i need someone to talk to…..but your not there……this was my one lifeline……I thought you’d be there…..

but I was wrong…your just like everyone else…..you don’t care……(drops phone)




Today I really felt the sting of the economy,

All through a phone call with piercing words

That shot through the man who I’m attempting to be,

A man with a responsibility to his friends and family

But today something got me questioning my identity.

All through a phone call

While hearing those words

I watched my hopes and dreams fall

In front of my eyes which were struggling to hide

The tears from my family with fake smiles

While waving my little brother goodbye as I walked out the door

Having been made redundant once more

Started this thought process in me thinking of the things we’d do for money as if it’s a god

It’s just a piece of paper, a piece of printed paper that can be the difference between a man and his neighbour,

A pivotal factor between being infested with crime and a neighbourhood that is safer,

A key ingredient in a happy home that can be reduced to a tragedy,

I’m not describing a murder scene but the cause of death for this once beautiful family would be written down as financially

Severed ties replacing broken bones,

Poverty replacing American drones

But the effect is still the same

More or less 60 years of activism

Ain’t nothing really changed,

Instead of a real change, our change equals flicking through the news to look for someone to blame,

Disenfranchised ultra-nationalist people spreading their hate on the Facebook and twitter “white people outta jobs #creepingsharia”

But this ain’t a joke, no this ain’t a joke

This is more than about being broke when there are thousands of people losing hope,

People like me destined to face reality in a world where nothing’s for free

The system will support but I need to stand on my own two feet,

Before the call I was kinda married to my dreams,

But it threw me off course, and the last I checked we were hitting divorce,

My focus is lost

Now I’m left with two options, one I carry on and the second one is a price symbolised

When the titanic hit the tip of the ice,

Being buried by the debt recovery companies but its the first option I like

Because Allah loves a strong believer so I guess I’m up for the fight

I choose not to financially die so to all my brothers and sisters in this fight,

Carry on, be strong and keep your eyes on the prize to eternally have a ball in paradise

Through how we lived, breathed and earned a living in this life.

By Mizan The Poet

You see the earth resembles a mothers eyes

full of tears due to to the lands we’ve terrorised

we terrorise until the others die without being tried

because we funded but never committed the crime

it must be in the products we buy

that we sip inside in times where many of us are dying to live

and a small percent are living to die

now the communities trying to stop their youths from killing

but somehow, somewhere, someones making a living

due to the guns these youths bring in

but they’re saying “we’re living in peaceful times, we’re living in peaceful times”

Where women are forced to prostitute themselves day and night

and children are used to dig up the ice so that we can look nice

yet the sun still shines where innocent bodies flip

when their hit from the same bullets used in our streets to the gaza strip

its just someone else’s kids while your watching the news from an embedded journalist

until it turns up at your doorstep but your at the doorstep of those preachers who aren’t politically there yet

preaching in the basement, promoting disengagement,

to only engage when the government threatens to take away their pay cheque

Theres so many of us who havents prayed yet

because they dont have the time too

busy waiting for their money to come through

until the angel of death pays them a visit

now its too late to recognise the limits of those bank digits

you cant leave with it

we can embody the same mentality whether its a bank robbery or a 9 to 5

its still slavery when theirs pound signs in your eyes

and you walk passed a guy who’s trying to survive

who’s on the verge of his last breath

so instead of even giving him some pennies

you preferred death

when its God you would’ve found there

and if you visited the sick you would’ve found God there

because the places of the sick and the homeless are dear to God

and as a believer in God why do you neglect being near to God

I guess your a victim when the devil castes fear

so instead of running up paradise’s ladder

you run up the ladder of your chosen career

and i know its difficult but i hope you can read through these syllables to get your mind right

so that you know when you sacrifice a good deed for a career

you’ve been a victim of a mind heist

As God said i didnt create the jinn and men except to worship Me

and if thats what you believe, if thats what you believe

that God is your saviour

then tell me, why are you too busy worshipping paper

by Mizan The Poet

For most of us shopping just isn’t a necessity, its also almost like a hobby. But as we go around buying what we need or desire isn’t it time we asked ourselves where our money is going or how it is being used by these corporations? If these questions were not asked by us in the past, it makes it that much more of an imperative to find the answers to these questions since some of the money that we spend can be used to oppress people across the world as well as to actually fund think tanks that attack multiculturalism right here at hime.

Take for example David Lewis (1924-2011) and the Lewis Family whose assets are held at the Lewis Trust Group, their private company which has worldwide interests in retail, leisure, finance and property. In retail they own one of the UK’s most well known clothing brands, River Island and in property the Lewis Trust Group has property holdings worth over £1 billion including 13 hotels in Israel and 3 in America.

David Lewis was also the president of the UK’s board of Governors at the Israel Center for Social and Economic Progress describing itself as an independent pro-market public policy think tank since 1984. Its mission is to “help Israel realize its enormous potential by freeing its economy from the shackles of this regressive system” . It is cuurently being headed by Daniel Doron about whom Benyamin Natanyahu said

“Daniel Doron is helping me fight the historic battle that is now taking place over the future of the Israeli economy”
Regarding David Lews, the Obituaries section of the Telegraph stated that

“Lewis wound down his day-to-day involvement with River Island in the 1990s to concentrate on Israeli tourism. He had been a keen Zionist since his early teens, but invested heavily in the Jewish State only relatively late in life, starting with the opening of King Solomon’s Palace hotel in Eilat in 1984. This was the first of 15 hotels that now form part of the Isrotel chain, which had a turnover in 2010 of £143 million; in 2009 the Israeli President Shimon Peres inaugurated the ‘David Lewis Promenade’ in the Red Sea resort. Lewis’s generosity was famous: he regularly paid for disabled Israeli veterans to stay in his beach hotels and was a patron for many years of the Schneider Children’s Medical Center near Tel Aviv. He was also a key supporter of the Israel Centre for Social and Economic Progress, the country’s main free-market think tank, and of Conservative Friends of Israel — where David Cameron presented him with a picture of a Lancaster bomber at one of his last public appearances”

In 2009 & 2010 the Lewis Trust Group, which is now run by the rest of the Lewis Family, donated a total of £3,005,000.00 to the Lewis Charitable trust, an organisation which was set up to meet the charitable intentions of the Lewis Family.

The trust aims to fund
• Medical research in to the possible treatment of cancer
• Jewish community general activities
• Educational funding
• General medical support

In 2009-2010 the Lewis Family Charitable Trust provided funding for the following organizations

Ben-gurion University £1,500
United Jewish Appeal £50,000
Atalef Foundation £10,000
Policy Exchange Limited £10,000
Council for a Beautiful Israel £10,000
Community Security Trust £10,000
Casa Shalom £7,037
The Jewish Leadership Council £5,000
Jewish Marriage Council £5,000
Israel Independence Fund £3,000
Ezra U Marpeh £3,000
The Zionist Federation £2,123
Anglo-Israel Association £3,100
Keshet Yahuda £14,074
Reform Judaism £30,000

To understand how the Lewis Family have supported Zionism and have supported organisations that attack multiculturalism in the UK, we need to look in to 3 organisations that they have funded in between 2009-2010
• Policy Exchange
• Reform Judaism
• Keshet Yahuda

Policy Exchange

Policy Exchange is a neoconservative orientated think tank with close ties to the Conservative party leader David Cameron. It was formed by two former Asda executives Francis Maude and Archie Norman with Nicholas Boles as its founding director and it is also part of the Stockholm Network, a network of European orientated think tanks .

Policy exchanges research is divided in to nine categories with its research on Islam and Multiculturalism coming under the remit of the Foreign Policy and Security unit. The Unit is headed by Dean Godson, former research fellow at the institute for European Defence and Strategic studies who in 1987, authored a report on using proxy forces to promote U.S strategic defence initiatives in the UK and under whose leadership the Unit continues to host events on conventional foreign policy issues but its research shifted to focus on primarily the British Muslim community .

In July 2006 Policy Exchange published its first report on Islam and Multiculturalism ‘When progressives treat with reactionaries’ written by the New Statesmen journalist Martin Bright who also wrote an article called the ‘Great Koran con trick’ claiming in it that the origins of Islam had been ‘censored for offending muslim sensibilities’. Bright accuses the Foreign Office for a policy of appeasement to radical Islam that could have grave consequences for Britain. Most of the material came from Foreign Office official Derek Pasquill who was strongly critical of Foreign Office advisor Mokbul Ali and the Muslim Council of Britain .

After the publication of “When progressives treat reactionaries” came a plethora of reports claiming to show extremism amongst British Muslims and calling for the Government to sever ties with certain individuals, organisations and to increase surveillance in the British Muslim community. One of its most notorious reports “The Hijacking of British Islam” claimed that extremism was influencing a majority of the Mosques in the UK through the subversion of extremist literature available in many of the Islaamic bookstores. The report was subsequently taken off Policy Exchanges website when the BBC uncovered that its findings were fabricated .

The reports that have followed on Islam and multiculturalism have shown Policy Exchanges preoccupation with the subject at hand is much less to do with public safety as it is for the need to promote the assertion of ‘Western values’ against not just extremism but also the very climate against which it perceives for extremism to thrive – Multiculturalism. Policy exchange received £10,000 from the Lewis Family Charitable Trust.

Reform Judaism

Reform Judaism is an organisation that aims to work with all members in the UK Jewish community to aid them in their own personal development. Although they say that they are for a two state solution in regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Reform Judaism describes itself as “unequivocally Zionist. We have a non-negotiable commitment to the State of Israel and its security. We believe that the pursuit of peace is the highest ideal and priority. We are deeply committed to democracy; human rights and social justice; and religious pluralism”

One of their partner organisations is BICOM, the British-Israeli Research and Communications Centre which is a lobby and a political action group that hosts briefings with numerous media outlets in the UK. Public opinion and its image abroad has been on Israels mind for over a decade. In the Article in the Jewish Chronicle ‘So they say they’re in charge’ Simon Rocker stated

“The need for a body able to orchestrate British Jewry’s political and public ambitions became apparent to kerner following thte outbreak of the second intifada in September 2000, with its disastrous impact on Israels image. the day after the intifada began, some 50 leading jews were summoned to a briefing with the then Israeli ambassador. That evening a group of them raised an initial 250,000 fund for pro-israel lobbying and public relations. First to wave his chequebook was Poju Zabludowicz, a little known name at the time but now an emerging figure who recently entered the Sunday Times Rich List with an estimated £2 billion, and who owns 40 percent of down town Las Vegas. As Middle Easter Peace prospects sank beneath the continuing violence, the emergency campaign for Israel morphed in to a permanent new body, The British-Israel Research and Communications Centre (Bicom)”

Bicom describes itself as an independent British organisation dedicated to creating a more supportive environment for Israel in Britain. This is done by trying to create a more complete understanding of Israel and its situation. according to their website, Bicom is responsible for

• Providing daily, expert news summary and analysis of events in Israel and the regions through online publications
• Taking British journalists, opinion formers and policy makers to Israel and the Palestinian territories to learn about the issues first hand.
• Bringing analysts, journalists and politicians from the region to Britain, to share their insights with their British counterparts.
• Promoting a more balanced discourse about Israel in the British media by creating opportunities for a wide range of voices to be heard.
• Organising events and seminars in the UK aimed at deepening the discussion about Israel in Britain.
• Engaging in dialogue with British opinion formers, policy makers and the media on issues of importance to Israel and the Britain-Israel relationship.
• Providing resources to individuals and organisations in Britain who share BICOM’s agenda to promoting a better understanding of Israel.
In her article “Why i’m backing Israel” in the Guardian, BICOM CEO Lorna Fitzsimons described BICOM as a ‘Pro-Israel Advocacy group’ and promoted Israeli propoganda such as ‘Israel has always been prepared to compromise for peace’ and ‘How does a nation state defend itself against a terrorist organisation or organisations that are part of, and deliberately hide behind, ordinary citizens?
Reform Judaism promotes the work of BICOM and it received £30,000 from the Lewis Family Charitable Trust.

Keshet Yahuda

Keshet Yahuda is a pre-military academy established in 1992 in the settlement of Moshav Keshet. Its students come from all over Israel to strengthen themselves before entering the army. Keshet Yahuda is a program that deals specifically with preparing young religious jews with the many problems and challenges that they will face in the army. The Academy encourages its cadets to

• Aspire towards significant and leading positions in the IDF
• To live a life of social responsibility and,
• To develop a will to influence life in Israel

Having religious jews in the army brings many benefits to Israel as the religious Jewish soldiers are quicker to distinguish themselves then their secular counter parts – in their cruelty to the Palestinians. In their book Jewish fundamentalism in Israel the authors Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvincky state in regards to the soldiers of another religious army training program Hesder Yeshivot

“Their performance is far above the average of those in the Israeli army and their dedication is even greater. Not only the generals but also other soldiers hold this view. During the three years of the Lebanon war (1982-1985) and in the after-math of fighting in the ‘security zone’, for example, Hesder Yeshivot students carried on fighting and winning even after a high proportion of Israeli soldiers had been wounded and killed. Soldiers in Hesder Yeshivot units also distinguished themselves during the suppression of the intifada; they were noted for their cruelty to Palestinians, which was from many perspectives much more severe than the Israeli army average”

Since the IDF is being comprised more and more with soldiers of a religious orientation the Jewish rabbinate is starting to play more of a crucial role within the army. During Operation Cast Lead the substantial role of the religious officers and soldiers was, for the first time, supported by a significant presence of rabbis over there .

As stated above, the use of the religious establishment within the Israeli army is not to bring some sort of pastoral care to the soldiers, but rather to use the religious establishment for the spiritual and emotional empowerment of the soldiers to influence their behaviour in the battle field as stated in the Ha’aretz article ‘IDF Rabbinate publication during Gaza war: We will show no mercy to the cruel’

“The IDF rabbinate, also quoting Rabbi Aviner, describes the appropriate code of conduct in the field: “When you show mercy to a cruel enemy, you are being cruel to pure and honest soldiers. This is terribly immoral. These are not games at the amusement park where sportsmanship teaches one to make concessions. This is a war on murderers. ‘A la guerre comme a la guerre.'””

Institutions like Keshet Yahuda are needed to aid its religiously orientated Israeli soldiers in the IDF and in between 2009-2010 the Lewis Family Charitable Trust awarded Keshet Yahuda with £14,074.