Bismillah (In the name of God)

“As the United States celebrates the nations ‘triumph over race’ with the electon of Barack Obama, the majority of young black men in major American cities are locked behind bars or labelled felongs for life” – Michelle Alexander, The New Jim Crow: Mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness

That pictures a fake!

That picture of Obama, sitting and smiling in the audacity of hope

Is nothing but a joke

It’s a fake
Making false references to the United states

Finally overcoming it’s fear of Race and Racism

When in reality all they’ve really done is put a black face over white imperialism

Which secured his inauguration with millions screaming

When in reality the real motto was not change but the lie you can believe in

Whenever he’d hit the stage millions were dazed by his lies about bringing change and closing Guantanamo bay

but he is a fake

That pictures not real like a rapper making millions over a rap deal

That pictures a fake

In to the fourth year of his presidency

Ain’t nothing really changed

As half of the African American communities hopes are still impaled

Due to discrimination faced in education, housing and employment

Because in one point or another, they’ve been jailed

Being labeled felons for life by ‘Law and order’

The same ‘law and order’ that used to fight against civil rights

Now turning their faces towards fighting crime

With discriminatory practices prevalent when you glance over the facts

That it’s probably even illegal for a president to go in to the white house and paint it black

I cry when I see a mothers cry when she has to bury her sons

And now the son of Kenya is the face of the very same system

That feeds African Americans drugs and guns

Which he pledged to uphold when he was inaugurated

But his appointment as president couldn’t stop Trayvon Martin dying from hatred

Death is the unbearable tragedy which saw his dreams lying in the back of a hurst

Coming from a community victimised by US backed crack giving birth to a curse

The arrival of crack babies the real victims in the destruction of the black family

With the community facing mass incarceration leaving black fathers with the same rights as that of slave

When the majority of coloured people can’t afford legal representation you know the American Justice System has an issue with race

The war on drugs is all about race with people getting on board because it pays to play

As slavery was just the start and the war on terror is the same slave master playing with a new deck of cards

The image of the United States needs to change said Henry Kissinger

which is the role of Obama

to give imperialism a complete make over

But the substance still stays the same

The image might have changed

But young people of color are still gagged and chained

With many parent less never being loved and hugged

While listening to a system used by Obama

That teaches kids it’s cool to be illiterate, uneducated tricks and thugs

That glamorises crime

Tempting youths to be enslaved by the justice system that uses discretion

To embrace racist stereotypes

Just check the stats to see that the majority of prison inmates are in for smoking crack

Cocaine tending to be predominantly black

That’s the facts getting 25 to life completely ruining their lives

when statistically speaking the majority of cocaine users in America are predominantly white

So that pictures a fake

That pictures a fake

America’s still a racist land

Who’s election did make history as for the first time

Western imperialisms championed by a black man

Still having dreams of his father

But we need to take a step back and understand that it’s the same racist system

Manufacturing this image of Obama