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I am neither here nor there
I am somewhere between the present and nowhere

My body’s present but my soul isn’t
You see me reading the Qur’an but you don’t know it….you can’t see it…..

My Lords hand just grabbed my soul and dunked it in an ocean of divine knowledge,

Of divine wisdom, where words know no boundaries,

My spirits present in the world of the unseen,

In the world of the unseen,

Where endless knowledge is imprisoning me

And I’m struggling to breathe as sanity is escaping me

And all that I knew is leaving me like I’m going be killed,

But i’m just an empty vessel waiting to be filled

As I’m neither here nor there
I am somewhere in between the present and nowhere

Where there’s no escape even if I had my guns cocked

My souls locked, my souls locked

And nah this aint nothing to do with the cops my body’s still around the block

But my soul’s not, my soul’s not,

It’s being reprogrammed in another place,

As I turn page after page my souls being set ablaze

So the next time you see me I’ll be spitting fire on the stage

Burning it to a crisp

In the world of fiery knowledge is where my soul is

In between the present and nowhere as no one goes there

Heightening your sense of security

And heightening your sense of fear

This unseen world ain’t no make believe

The black cloud in my eyes showing its possession of me,

Flowing through my blood stream

Replacing my empty words with kerosene to blow up the poetry scene

Because the force behind me aims to take me higher

As I return to this world with the spirit of Malcolm X

Possessed by the fire of the Ghost-Rider

Intending to commit revolutionary suicide,

It is from this mic where this world will be revolutionised

With words as their meanings have no boundaries when they terrorise

Those that terrorise and keep the will of the people from being televised

As there’s another force roaming the earth,

There’s another force roaming the earth

Every time we speak, read or write,

These words just come alive

like the grim reaper reaping for hearts and minds

And I gave them my life, I gave them my life

To heal a world that is disturbed

Because that is the power of the spoken word.


X Marks the Spot

My poem on Malcolm X

You see to me he was more than just a phenomena
He was more than just a symbol of black power
With the voice that can reach and destroy even the most tallest of towers
He was more than just the angriest black man when he met his final hour
Who’s body was shot dead and outta sight
But who’s spirit was energized by a divine light
That elevated his thinking on how to stand up for all oppressed human beings
As Elijah mohammed said a follower of truth
Who attained leadership through servitude
Freeing his mind when at that time his freedom was denied
By reading books that exposed him to some real power…..knowledge
Through which he was able to see the great wonders like the walls of China
Through which, in prison, it was the key to set himself free
And belief was the oxygen that made him breath,
So that he, systematically, didn’t fall for their traps,
Managing to squeeze out of societies social cracks
By those who engineered and planned to make him fail
But Allah had a separate plan to not only make him understand
On how to be a fire-brand but also, in the words of prince faisal,
Live as a humble, very timid man
Who had to go to prison to learn how to see so to me
He was more than just what we made him out to be,
Who taught me to believe in myself,
Who taught me how to fight imperialism,
Who taught me that if anyone lays a finger on me, it was my job to ensure that they don’t lay a finger on anyone else
Living the street life and constantly getting high
And being the victim of drive-bye’s and gunfights is probably why
Many brothers don’t make it passed 25
So maybe a personal transformation is what it took for him to survive
Trading the street life and zoot suites for black suites and bow ties
Evil grins for actual smiles
Assalamualaikum was the message of peace
That he took to every black person he would meet
Instilling fear in the KKK aka the police
Who afforded nothing but silence
Because there was a fiery preacher preaching unity
Instead of black on black violence
With a reminder that they can break free from their slave masters leash
To go and achieve their dreams
While not forgetting their mother land once being the home
Of kings and queens
So no one could tell him how to live, how to breath
Since finding Allah he knew what to believe
Once through drugs, now his strength was in good deeds in saving lives
Who unshackled the chains of his body by unshackling the chains of his mind,
With knowledge being the key
So the person who went on to be the change he wanted to see
Was what Malcolm X meant to me