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Merchants of War

A Documentary documenting the lives of Arms Dealers from the 1980’s until now

In this excellent lecture Jeremy Scahill, author of the book Blackwater: The rise of the worlds most powerful mercenary army, gives insight in to Americas current covert operations in the Muslim world including the targeted use of drones, Islamophobia , authorisation of killing american citizens without due process and more…an excellent lecture

This documentary goes in to the historical relationship between the CIA and the Nazis. However one sdhould also read Andrew Feinstein’s book the Shadow World: Inside the global arms trade to see how the first Nazi defector General Reinhard Gehlen formed his own organisation that also specialised in arms dealing and the arms trade, which was funded by the CIA

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Jeremy Scahill is the author of Blackwater: The rise of the worlds most powerful mercenrary army

I am neither here nor there
I am somewhere between the present and nowhere

My body’s present but my soul isn’t
You see me reading the Qur’an but you don’t know it….you can’t see it…..

My Lords hand just grabbed my soul and dunked it in an ocean of divine knowledge,

Of divine wisdom, where words know no boundaries,

My spirits present in the world of the unseen,

In the world of the unseen,

Where endless knowledge is imprisoning me

And I’m struggling to breathe as sanity is escaping me

And all that I knew is leaving me like I’m going be killed,

But i’m just an empty vessel waiting to be filled

As I’m neither here nor there
I am somewhere in between the present and nowhere

Where there’s no escape even if I had my guns cocked

My souls locked, my souls locked

And nah this aint nothing to do with the cops my body’s still around the block

But my soul’s not, my soul’s not,

It’s being reprogrammed in another place,

As I turn page after page my souls being set ablaze

So the next time you see me I’ll be spitting fire on the stage

Burning it to a crisp

In the world of fiery knowledge is where my soul is

In between the present and nowhere as no one goes there

Heightening your sense of security

And heightening your sense of fear

This unseen world ain’t no make believe

The black cloud in my eyes showing its possession of me,

Flowing through my blood stream

Replacing my empty words with kerosene to blow up the poetry scene

Because the force behind me aims to take me higher

As I return to this world with the spirit of Malcolm X

Possessed by the fire of the Ghost-Rider

Intending to commit revolutionary suicide,

It is from this mic where this world will be revolutionised

With words as their meanings have no boundaries when they terrorise

Those that terrorise and keep the will of the people from being televised

As there’s another force roaming the earth,

There’s another force roaming the earth

Every time we speak, read or write,

These words just come alive

like the grim reaper reaping for hearts and minds

And I gave them my life, I gave them my life

To heal a world that is disturbed

Because that is the power of the spoken word.

You don’t know anyone like me

My food is my anger that feeds my body, mind and soul

And elevates me to a different state

Reaching me to a boiling point

Where my anger is so strong it devours my hate

Because pure rage is my birthplace

I can’t be contained

Breaking the deafening silence with my thunderous roar

Which devastates cities as if they’ve just been through a war

Because you pissed me off & I’m not Mr Nice

Bruce is like Dr jeckyl but I’m worse than Hyde

Every attack on me just enflames my anger, casting my net of fear

Enraging the beast that resides within the devils nightmares

While I overshadow the lives of man

Don’t come to me without the army’s planes and tanks

And even then you’ll need a helping hand

As I act sovereignly

Smashing what I want, when I want

Without any respect to authority

Only to me I pledge sovereignty

I am what you get when rage and fury conceive a dangerous mix

Delivering me for the earth to be cursed with

Because I’m the strongest there is

With everyone on my hit list

Who will be hearing ‘Hulk Smash’

Which is my statement

Your weapons a gun

My weapons the pavement

Leaving my enemies dead and buried beneath the floor whenever I fight

As my war cry’s been prophesized

Throughout the annals of history

With tales of terror being cast in the street

And biblical pages telling you of the mark but I’m the beast

Housing the rage of a million demons

If you look in to my eyes you can see them screaming

As they’re trapped inside

Fuelling my anger like wood to the fire

Trapped within my eyes like prison bars

I devour life, it’s my prisoner

Which is the fate of all those in my way

When I come through Banners body from within hells gates

To bring what I’m known for

Not death…..Not the smashing

Not the roar

But one and one thing only…….War


The rhythm of life

The silence is beautiful,

The silence that surrounds us is more powerful
Than the noise made by a car, plain or a train
The silence would be more powerful if it wasn’t so conditional
By so many people too busy trying to get from A to C
Forgetting about B, brushing passed you and me

And if they brush passed you and me what makes you think they’ll give a damn about that guy in the street

Or console a mothers weep for her loss but I guess we’re all lost……..but then again the silence is just beautiful……
The silence is beautiful
Just close your eyes and drown out the noise to feel your heart beat and you’ll realise
That you need to make this a regular ritual
And its a healthy sign but due to the hustle
Our lives ain’t synchronised to the natural rhythm of the element that can connect us to the spiritual

So we go on as if it’s business as usual ignoring the fact of life that it is the silence that we can’t ignore,

It won’t stop it won’t just stand by the door and continue to knock, there will be a day where we will answer to God
Regarding His call if we were to just take a time out and just listen to the silence it’s actually really not silent at all,
It’s in harmony as God is the composer and the rest of creation is His orchestra,
Just go to the beach and listen to the waves of the seas
Or go to the forest and listen to the flapping of the leaves
Or just for once feel the energy by walking on the earth in bare feet,
There’s a connection, there’s a harmony, and we’re God’s lost sheep when it doesn’t have to be,
You can take a time out to remove the blind folds of the busy cities, remove the blind folds of our families,
Remove the blind folds of lifestyles, cars, mobile phones and tv’s

Remove the noise of the people walking, or the builders building or the birds singing

To connect with the force that gave birth to humanity, that is in tune with us all spiritually,
Yes take time out in the silence and feel its rhythm and feel its beauty

This poem is dedicated to the Muslim Youth Helpline. I wrote it to highlight the types of clients that call us, the issues that they face and the need for an organisation such as the Muslim Youth Helpline

Hello……Is there someone there……Is there someone at the end of the line…..Please pick up I’m scared

…..please pick up…..nobody cares…..nobody’s there…..it’s for my life I fear….my minds unclear…….

I don’t want to go through this no more…..it happens everytime…..everytime he walks through those damn doors…..

and no one can do anything about it….can’t even dial 9-9-9……

they’re saving everyone else’s lives but who’s gonna save me from mine…..who’s gonna save me from mine….

I need someone to save me from mine…..someone pick up!!!!……because if he rapes me one more time….I’m gonna give up!!!

I’m in a mess…..watching the drips of my own blood…..I don’t wanna live here…..but I don’t wanna leave here……

if he touches me again…..I’m gonna visit my only friend……the angel of death…..

if he even so looks at me again…..tonight it’s gonna end… If he even so touches me again…tonight it’s gonna end….

And if he crawls on to my bed……that’s me dead….that’s me dead…..I’m not taking it no more…..just one more time….

and I’m using this knife to take back what’s mine……i’m using this knife to take back what’s mine….my innocence….my life…….

you see he keeps on making me think it’s my fault…..it’s my fault…..because I’m a girl…..and maybe it is my fault…..

maybe I done something wrong to deserve such a sadistic uncle….

i need someone to talk to…..but your not there……this was my one lifeline……I thought you’d be there…..

but I was wrong…your just like everyone else…..you don’t care……(drops phone)