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Last night, I had the unfortunate opportunity to engage with Robert Spencer via twitter. After coming across one of his tweets in reply to (I think) the EDL Manchester division I sent Spencer a tweet suggesting that he debate with someone like Hamza Yusuf but, as Spencer usually does to throw off his critics, Spencer asked me to arrange the debate. This lead to a series of tweets back and forth between me and spencer where, I will acknowledge this publicly here, I stated Spencer’s lack of scholarly credentials on Islam and how he uses extreme opinions to justify his own claims (‘cherry picks’ is the term used by Karen Armstrong). This led to Spencer asking me for proof that he was wrong about Islam, that if he was proven wrong he will retract his opinion publicly, as you can see below


As you can see in the middle tweet in the above picture he said he will publicly retract his opinion but this is actually a lie. Robert Spencer won’t retract his opinion and do it publicly on his website because his website is a project funded by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a far right organisation that aims to tackle the left and the Islamists both in America and Worldwide. Spencer will NOT jeopardise his funding by retracting his opinion on an Islamic issue publicly on his site. What Spencer was attempting to do is 1)stop the debate, 2) Not acknowledge the refutation but 3) upload the refutation to the refutation on his site. That was my reply to that as you can see below to which he still has not responded too


But this was just one lie amongst many lie’s by Spencer during the course of our conversation. Due to Spencer’s constant demand of actually seeing a refutation of his work I, as i couldn’t be bothered to go through his rubbish site and read his rubbish, sent him a loonwatch article about some remarks that were made by Spencer


Below are Spencer’s replies to the link that I sent him


As you can see he claims that the article was ‘outright lies’ before saying


That the Loonwatch article claims that he said things that he didn’t say but then as the debate continued, he referred back to the Loonwatch by saying


That he was not writing about him which is an admittance of the fact that the claims made by the Loonwatch article are accurate – from the words of Mr Spencer himself. Below is my reply to him


There you go folks! Mr Robert Spencer…Liar extraordinaire!!!


Robert Spencer is the Director of Jihad Watch, a program of the David Horowitz Freedom Center , The associate director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, an initiative that is headed by Pamela Geller that also came out with those racist ‘savage’ anti-Jihad subway ad’s aswell as being an author and commentator on Islam.

Such an author on Islam should have the relevant credentials as well as a proven track record of studying the Islamic Sciences for a number of years in a well recognised reputable institution but according to his own website spencer only has an MA in religious studies at the University of North Carolina.

Spencer gently alludes to his lack of a proper islamic education on his own website

“I began to study early Islamic history, since some of these groups ended up in Arabia and may have influenced Muhammad. In the intervening years I continued these studies of Islamic theology, history, and law out of personal interest.

This led to my consulting privately with some individuals and groups about Islam, but I had never intended to do such work publicly

Ahmed Rehab states, in his article for the Huffington post,

“Spencer postures himself as an “Islamic Scholar.” But unlike most people we tend to call “scholars,” Spencer did not burden himself with the traditional scholarly route that puts an emphasis on objectivity and academic rigor.

There is a good reason for this: his “scholarly” methodologies would not jive in any of our nation’s accredited PhD programs let alone a path for tenure where he would have to get his papers peer-reviewed and have his methodology checked by notable scholars for objectivity and a lack of bias (unless, of course, David Horowitz decides to build the David Horowitz Freedom University).

Spencer dismisses such criticism as follows: he is right, and all of the tenured professors of Islamic studies, with their inconvenient knack for unbiased scholarship, are wrong. After all, universities are the establishment of the left-wing liberal conspiracy.

Besides who needs peer-reviewed papers, Spencer seems content to receive rave reviews from Weasel Zippers, Nice Doggie, Atlas Shrugs, Muslims are Terrorists, and of course,, that other gem of a creation, and bastion of objectivity, by the guy who cuts his checks.

Now, I will be the first to admit that there are plenty of problems in the Muslim world. I welcome an honest and responsible critique any day. But honest and responsible Spencer’s agenda-driven hatemongering is not. I am not not the only one to take issue with Spencer’s technique. Most objective scholars and professors of Islamic studies dismiss the guy as laughably fraudulent and amateur.”

Spencer tried to refute the allegation of him being ignorant in this article but again, there is no real substance behind the main arguments behind his article. Trying to refute the claim by stating that the charge of ignorance is in actuality a ‘tactic’ used by Muslims. In order to refute the claim of ignorance in the article he uses the issues of ijtihad and the Quranic order of the Surah’s to prove how he is not ignorant of Islam. Howver from his response we can easily see that he cherrypicked his evidence that suits his argument and again since spencer cant use any quranic verses or hadeeths to back up his arguments shows how limits of spencer as a so-called scholar and a commentator on Islam. IF spencer learnt Islam in a credible institution, learnt a credible course on Islam, spencer would have gladly mentioned it to back up his credentials, but he hasn’t and that is why he cant say that he publicly learnt Islam. Spencers lack of knowledge and sound Islamic scholarship is shown in many of his debates. Spencer aims to back up his arguments by highlighting current issues that are affecting the Muslim world (i.e using pakistan as an example of sharia law enforced) rather than using the classic islamic texts while applying the ruling to actually derive rulings from Sharia law. Spencer uses none of these and only uses comments from the most extreme elements of the Muslim world to justify his argument.

spencer declares himself as a non-racist when he goes on to answer the question of whether he is or not a white supramicist

“No. I have consistently opposed racism and supremacism of all kinds — otherwise, I wouldn’t oppose the global jihad”

This in itself is a another lie. As stated above Jihad Watch is a program of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Robert Spencer and David Horowitz both authored a book together called Obama and Islam, from which as one can already tell from the title alone, that the book is comprised of material that is largely nonsense.

Below is an example of David Horowitz’s racism towards the Palestinians which is just full of 100% rehashed lies

According to its website, The David Horowitz Freedom Center “combats the efforts of the radical left and its Islamist allies to destroy American values and disarm this country as it attempts to defend itself in a time of terror. The leftist offensive is most obvious on our nation’s campuses, where the Freedom Center protects students from indoctrination and political harassment

In his article the Cologne conference and European Fascism spencer states

“As far as fascism goes, I oppose all authoritarian governments, and believe in the freedom of speech and other freedoms that historically have never thrived in fascist settings”

but this is again another lie, one cannot say that they are not racist but then associates oneself with a racist (David Horowitz). One cannot say that they are for free speech and against totalitarianism when they are part and parcel of an organisation that wants to actually eradicate free speech and eradicate all forms of dissent. In short Robert Spencer is nothing but a liar who is deeply connected to the racist islamophobic network that aims to bring about worldwide totalitarianism