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The drop of a tear

*Dedicated to all those going through a hard time*

They say that God will help you through
And although
I dont doubt the fact that that’s true
I’m in a stage in life
where I don’t know who to turn to
I’m confused
As yesterday has left my spirit
Battered and bruised
Forcing me to take a step forward
In a path that’s unclear
With a heart trembling in fear
Far from being acquainted with people
I’m well acquainted with my tears
With each drop telling of a pain engulfed in darkness
Without having experienced the sunshine in a long time
As each opportunity missed
crosses out a lifeline
Leaving me to wonder if I’ll ever experience prosperity in my lifetime
That’s a question fuelled with fear
As I stare in to this path that’s unclear
And telling my story not through words
But at each drop of a tear.


I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you
I’m sorry for everything that you went through
At the beginning of it all
I know that you never thought that this war
Would literally kick down your door
Exposing the real world, a world where the innocent are framed
Is what Tony Blair probably meant
When he said the rules of the game have changed
A world where the truth is in her grave
And Lady Liberty is abused like a prisoner in Abu Ghraib
But I know you know what it feels like and I hate to say it
But I find solace in the darkness of my own solitude
When I’m reminded of what you’ve been through
And what your going through instils a strong sense of belief in me
Strongly disagreeing with Francis Fukiyama
this isn’t the end of history
The innocent wont continue to languish in prison
Which is what they’re putting you through for supporting terrorism
But Bush’s business talks with the Taliban
Was never mentioned through the Television
Or the radio yet still they never let you go
That’s the justice system not practicing what they preach
Whenever I think of your mother,
I picture her over tear flooded streams
when it is only heaven that should lay beneath her feet
Yet far from being frail and weak
Only men of honour are jailed for what they believe
Knowing the day will come where you walk free
Fills me with a strong sense of optimism
To continue fighting for the day
oppression is called out for extradition
And the innocent aren’t done for terrorism but until then
I can’t imagine what it’s like to be thrown off-shore
Probably Resulting in eyes flooded with so much tears you can’t see no more

Resulting in grief stricken pain so great you can’t grieve no more
I really respect you for saying you won’t cry,
You won’t show the world that your cracking up inside,
Know my brother
Freedom comes at a price
And you’ve paid the price
freedom will come to you in the form of paradise,
You’ve paid the price,
freedom will come to you in the form of paradise,
you’ve paid the price,
freedom will come to you in the form of paradise.
God willing

My Voice

My voice is something more than just sound emanating from the top of my lungs,
its something more than just the sound of my speech when I’m speaking
my voice comes from what I truly believe in….God, Islam and my way of thinking
have been effected by what I’ve been reading in my quest to stop innocent people from bleeding
and use my voice to build a better world for all of us to live in
but the problem is, we all believe that that’s what we’re living in,
that our armed forces are making the world safer
when their actions have forced many countries to hit red alert signifying danger
arms companies are using democracy and freedom, just to make some paper
like Eric Prince who pretends to love Jesus Christ
only to be baptised by capitalism
experienced in selling weapons at the expense of human lives
is what he does for a living
just take a real look at life to see how people are making a killing
funded via our tax and now the powers that be want to take away our right to speak back?
Well not under my watch,
I’m ready for war due to the ammo I’ve stocked
the knowledge I got
is like Malcolm by the window with his gun cocked
or the Palestinian child throwing a rock
in the midst of the rubble
my voice carries the souls of all those who died in the struggle
trying to close the door that permits billions to be made from war
to which I say no more, I scream no more
to let the vibrations of my words resonate
awakening those that are mentally enslaved
by instilling in them something more than just believing in change
because instead of acting for change we react to change
like the movie that has the middle east in flames
due to islamophobes pouring oil over the fire
trying to show that Muslims are animals that should be dead or in a cage
softly implying that anti-imperialism should be contained
when they employed Obama to brainwash people in to believing in change
the reality is that we’ve all been played
like a plague we really thought a tick in a box would bring brighter days
which was their masterplan
for us to go back to our world of Facebook
and taking pictures on instagram
while we think they are simply just gonna up and vanish
from countries like Iraq and Afghanistan?
Will finally hear the plight of Aafia Siddiqui or refuse to extradite
Babar Ahmed or Talha Ahsan?
What’s going on nowadays makes it really evident
that the policies of the world don’t change with the colour of the president
so when it comes to this I’m not that hesitant
to hit the streets correcting the wrongs we hear on TV
because according to my recollection
the News media is a weapon of mass deception
overrun by experts at spreading lies to vindicate war crimes
is one of the reasons why the revolution will never be televised
which begs the question
why isn’t it the truth we’re seeking?
Or whose truth is that we’re reading?
Believing that we shouldn’t speak out
because activism’s become an anachronism
For a bad decision leading to death or prison
Therein lies the problem
Our own inability to see success in the process
has stifled progress
encouraging people not to speak out but speak less
to the point that when we see or hear about atrocities
the best we can do is the only thing the most of us ever do
remain speechless
so although my voice might not avert any tragedies,
might get the death sentence thrown at me,
I’m not afraid
because if I didn’t speak out,
I’d consider myself to be dead already


I’m afraid that on my wedding night
i’m going to have to tell my wife
that i’ve already been unfaithful

that in between the short time
taken to get to the bedroom door
from the main hall
i’m going to have to tell my wife
that she is and will always be 2nd in store

even with our knots tied
my soul will cry out the life in me
as i look for answers frantically
only to conclude
that honesty is the best policy

yes honesty is the best policy
its better to say
even though her heart will break
her dream future of a house and kids will change
over this revelation
and i wont even be ashamed

but i will say that i’m sorry for going off the script
because the truth is i’m already in another relationship
with someone other than my wife
when she appeared in sight
love just hit me like a drive-by
rocking my world like a turbulent flight

imprisoning my mind
as i think of her all the time
whether i’m on the bus, tube
or even now as i write these rhymes

she steals my thoughts as if its a crime
instilling some love in my life
and now
its better, its better to tell my wife
sooner rather than later

even though it might break her up inside
but thats the effect of a lie
like bush lying about iraq
where millions died

resulting in rivers of blood flowing in the streets
which might be a perfect depiction of what she wants to do to me

while she’s wondering
“how can my dreams be so near, yet so far! how can my dreams be so near, yet so far”
on sky news i’m announced dead while she’s spending life behind bars

even though my revelation was the real murder weapon
my revelation was the real murder weapon

with a love as strong as Bonnie and clyde’s
although it may be too late to look back in hindsight
but the truth is my 1st love’s always by my side
inspiring me to pick up my pen and write
and then to hit all the open mic’s
so that the world can get a dose of me
for I am her and she is me

Its the same world we see, the same air we breath
she’s even on the stage with me
going by the name of spoken word poetry

The Message: My message to the EDL

*Unfortunately I didn’t get to perform this at the UAF anti-EDL demo in Walthamstow BUT I’m not really fussed, it’s a great opportunity to come and support and meet nice people*

They say home is where the heart is
They say home is where the heart is
Ethnically I may be Bengali
But in my heart
I’m more british than the EDL will ever be

A proud british citizen
As Multicultural London has been good to me
From racism and hate it has protected me
But ever since 9/11
Its been all eyes on people like me

Even though the world trade centre had its own muslim prayer room
And in 07/07 Muslims died on the bus and tubes
Leading you to an undeniable truth
That on those tragic days Islam was attacked too
But those days gave rise to a false pride that spreads lies

The Prophet Muhammad said “A muslim, who kills a non-muslim citizen wont smell the scent of paradise”
The Qur’an say’s “If you kill an innocent life, its as if you killed the whole of mankind”

A pack of lies under the banner of freedom of speech
Is what they want you to believe
Islamic terrorism is an oxymoron
Like Stephen Lennon
An Irishman leading the English Defence League

Forcing the taxpayers to cough up more money
When their violence hits the streets
With the youths brainwashed in to thinking we’re the enemy
Due to their inability to understand the politics
And the hatred in their speech

Using issues like the Hijaab
Claiming to fight Islamic supremacy
Using issues like women only classes
Claiming to fight Islamic supremacy
Using issues like Halaal meat
Claiming to fight Islamic supremacy

In this country
If you got issues with the way we choose to be
Then know boys
What your really fighting is democracy
Because it gives us the right to choose to live as British Muslim Citizens
Only fools would believe that a foreign invasion
Is coming through immigrants
Its actually coming through the EDL’s foreign donations and Zionist influence
Opposing every demo in support of Palestine
When the Qur’an says don’t bring destruction to your own hands
It’s a condemnation of suicide
You say you’re a peaceful movement
But your hatred isn’t hard to find
Like when Stephen Lennon said
If Anders Breivik killed muslims
It would’ve been easier to justify

Hitler had similar beliefs
Which ended up in genocide
Which is why when it comes to you
I’m on the other side
By opposing you I’m saving lives
In great numbers
whenever you guys hit the streets
showing your hatred towards people like me
me and my people will always be there
united in our diversity

Free Your Mind

There’s another world out there

There’s another world out there

Where something so potent and powerful lays bare

And even though it’s out there

It’s not like we really care

When our heads tuned in to our televisions and our headphones

This world isn’t that exposed

You’ll only find it in places like Amazon and waterstones

Its power to the brain is like oxygen when we breathe

Giving sight to those who cant see

Enabling them to understanding what something means

In jail

It’s the only thing that set Malcolm free

But we don’t really spend time in this activity

Yet actively we cant live without its vocabulary

Obsessed with words like the word free

Free your mind, free Kashmir, free Palestine

Iqra, the first word revealed ordering to read and recite

And if our first order was to read and recite

Then tell me

In school and education why are we so behind?

I know soldiers were deployed in the Helmand

But why do people think of terrorism when they think of Pakistan?

There’s more to a country with a 187 million human beings

And theres more to a human being than the colour of their skin

Or what they believe in

So the discourse needs to be reframed

I said the discourse needs to be reframed as things cant stay the

Once upon a time we were the harbingers of positive change

But now we’re enslaved in these social chains

So in order to break free lets switch off the music and TV

And read to stock bullets in our brains

As reverend Jesse Jackson said

“You need strong minds to break strong chains”

You see our ancestors laid the foundations of universities and

And although the apple has fallen from the tree

It didn’t fall that far from it

As they continue to drop drones

We should respond by dropping knowledge

Because the word is more powerful than the sword

Like the Qur’an a weapon the likes of which

We’ve never seen before

But yet we’re still more focused on becoming rap sensations on youtube

As the far right align Europe wide to get rid of me and you

But our eyes aren’t open to that truth

They’re fixated on chilling for hours on end in that sheesha spot

Even though when one of our role models, 2pac, was asked what he did
in jail

He said that he read a lot

Which is like a fact sworn to secrecy

Many celebrities read to be better human beings and to improve their literacy

Like Lowkey who said that the thing that changed his life was Malcolm X’s autobiography

You see knowledge can be the light during dark times

Helping you fly above those dark skies

And can give you the strength to rise like the dark knight

But not wanting something educational to read

Is the same message promoted by the powers that be

Like king Nimrod who killed little babies to prevent the rise of the chosen one

Which is the same when they pay millions to an industry tempting youths to go and play with guns

Committing mental infanticide

Just ask DMX who said

“The industry, if you aint got a strong mind. The Industry will break you down it’s a matter of time”

It’s really simple and plain as clear as night and day

As we protest in the streets for change

Our brains are enslaved by the chains of ignorance

Making us mentally indolent

Constantly being the victim of thought crimes

When it doesn’t have to be as Malcolm X Said

“The ability to read woke inside of me some long dormant cravings to be mentally alive”

So make sure you constantly read, constantly turning that key to unlock and free your mind

The Answer

This poem was inspired by the brief question and answer session between Shareefa Panchabaya and the Dalai Lama

They say a picture paints a thousand words, their meanings defining what we’re seeing
but sometimes the opposite can be true as what we see can be very deceiving
like a wolf dressed in Sheep’s clothing the human flesh covering what we’re truly feeling or his holiness covering what he believes in when she asked him
“What is your view on the ethnic cleansing of Palestine” probably thinking that a man of peace
would give a good insight to stop the suffering in Gaza’s streets
but his reply
“President Shimon Perez I know him, he is genuine for peace” which sent shockwaves down her spine completely shattering her beliefs
was Shimon Perez genuine for peace when he fought for the first few jewish settlements?
was Shimon Peres genuine for peace while leaving Palestinian women and children not in peace but in pieces silencing their voices for freedom by leaving them speechless?
was Shimon Peres genuine for peace leaving many people bereaved when he bombed Southern Lebanon for doing nothing wrong?
an act that should have been recorded as a war crime
before going on to say In Jerusalem the grass is greener and they use every technique the side of Palestine is dry and not green so the Palestinians should embrace the Israeli paradigm
So that the grass can be greener on Their side furthering the process of being colonised Embracing the Israeli paradigm basically means the end of Palestine
stemming from a racist discourse as they’ve always said that Palestinian land has always been dry
which maybe the case now with Palestinians being the victims of apartheid as Israel owns their water supply
the word occupy has inspired mass movements as places from st Paul’s to wall street were occupied
with the police raining hard on those streets as if to imply that it’s wrong to occupy or be occupied
but if it’s wrong in London and New York
it should also be wrong in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine
but yet he still said “They should learn the skills of the Jews and live together”
to make the grass greener “they should learn the skills of the Jews and live together” but can they live together? President Netanyahu stated he will never give up Jerusalem or go back to the 67 borders so now you get the picture
you can see them take a page from hitler
as they plan to put 10,000 black refugees in detention centres
while killing scores of palestinians with no remorse
it’s like they didn’t really learn anything from the holocaust even though thats what they want the palestinian kids to be taught
but don’t get it twisted, I agree with him when he said he “Saw some Palestinians and Israelis living in harmony”
but the powers that be are working hard to see harmony break because its a glitch in their matrix as their interests are at stake
so they keep on buying weapons and stocking up in security apparatus’s yet it’s peace they can’t afford
so you know we’ve been living in the matrix when you believe it’s the Palestinians who started this war
when they go back in time, its only until 1947 to show you a defenceless Israel, you need to go further back in time
to understand that same plot of land where Israel resides was called Palestine,
Israel was not on the map yet he said we should learn from the Jews on how to defend our culture in hostile territory forgetting Israel waved the seeds of peace when it unleashed the Irgun and the stern gang to commit terrorist atrocities
a simple fact that is neglected by the system
that the British umbilical cord fed Israel with endless rounds of terrorism in 1947
resulting in the nakba the expulsion of Palestinian men women and children
so if he really wanted to know there’s plenty of information he could read
that shows you how in the middle east it was Israel who gave birth to hostility
yet he still believes that Shimon Peres is a man of peace when she knew the truth couldn’t be any further, receiving nothing but this uninformed answer to the question that she posed to the dalai lama.

My Homiez


My Homiez

You guys have always been there for me,
It must be due to Allah’s mercy because you guys were written for me,

and knowing you guys personally it’s not to hard to see,
what Allah’s reasons would be for making you befriend someone like me,

whenever I needed you, you guys were always a phone call away,
no matter what I put you through, you guys never failed to come through in my most darkest of days,

and this would happen almost everytime,
not many people know but I’d cry every night in my teenage years because guys like you are rare to find,

Being bright like stars,
holding on to your friendship helps remove my lonely scars

you guys are worth more than your weight in gold,
the world and everything in it, isn’t worth even a cent of your precious souls

once unknown but now Allah has united our estranged hearts,
this ones for my Homiez, you guys know who you are,

I’ve never really done anything for you so I thought I’d make a start,
so I got up my notes app on my iPhone and just started writing from my heart,

But justice just can’t seem to be served no matter what I do, there’s so much I wanna say but these words just seem so few,

you guys are almost like family and not just part of some little crew,
so I’d like to end this by saying I love all of you

The Obama Deception

Bismillah (In the name of God)

“As the United States celebrates the nations ‘triumph over race’ with the electon of Barack Obama, the majority of young black men in major American cities are locked behind bars or labelled felongs for life” – Michelle Alexander, The New Jim Crow: Mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness

That pictures a fake!

That picture of Obama, sitting and smiling in the audacity of hope

Is nothing but a joke

It’s a fake
Making false references to the United states

Finally overcoming it’s fear of Race and Racism

When in reality all they’ve really done is put a black face over white imperialism

Which secured his inauguration with millions screaming

When in reality the real motto was not change but the lie you can believe in

Whenever he’d hit the stage millions were dazed by his lies about bringing change and closing Guantanamo bay

but he is a fake

That pictures not real like a rapper making millions over a rap deal

That pictures a fake

In to the fourth year of his presidency

Ain’t nothing really changed

As half of the African American communities hopes are still impaled

Due to discrimination faced in education, housing and employment

Because in one point or another, they’ve been jailed

Being labeled felons for life by ‘Law and order’

The same ‘law and order’ that used to fight against civil rights

Now turning their faces towards fighting crime

With discriminatory practices prevalent when you glance over the facts

That it’s probably even illegal for a president to go in to the white house and paint it black

I cry when I see a mothers cry when she has to bury her sons

And now the son of Kenya is the face of the very same system

That feeds African Americans drugs and guns

Which he pledged to uphold when he was inaugurated

But his appointment as president couldn’t stop Trayvon Martin dying from hatred

Death is the unbearable tragedy which saw his dreams lying in the back of a hurst

Coming from a community victimised by US backed crack giving birth to a curse

The arrival of crack babies the real victims in the destruction of the black family

With the community facing mass incarceration leaving black fathers with the same rights as that of slave

When the majority of coloured people can’t afford legal representation you know the American Justice System has an issue with race

The war on drugs is all about race with people getting on board because it pays to play

As slavery was just the start and the war on terror is the same slave master playing with a new deck of cards

The image of the United States needs to change said Henry Kissinger

which is the role of Obama

to give imperialism a complete make over

But the substance still stays the same

The image might have changed

But young people of color are still gagged and chained

With many parent less never being loved and hugged

While listening to a system used by Obama

That teaches kids it’s cool to be illiterate, uneducated tricks and thugs

That glamorises crime

Tempting youths to be enslaved by the justice system that uses discretion

To embrace racist stereotypes

Just check the stats to see that the majority of prison inmates are in for smoking crack

Cocaine tending to be predominantly black

That’s the facts getting 25 to life completely ruining their lives

when statistically speaking the majority of cocaine users in America are predominantly white

So that pictures a fake

That pictures a fake

America’s still a racist land

Who’s election did make history as for the first time

Western imperialisms championed by a black man

Still having dreams of his father

But we need to take a step back and understand that it’s the same racist system

Manufacturing this image of Obama

I am neither here nor there
I am somewhere between the present and nowhere

My body’s present but my soul isn’t
You see me reading the Qur’an but you don’t know it….you can’t see it…..

My Lords hand just grabbed my soul and dunked it in an ocean of divine knowledge,

Of divine wisdom, where words know no boundaries,

My spirits present in the world of the unseen,

In the world of the unseen,

Where endless knowledge is imprisoning me

And I’m struggling to breathe as sanity is escaping me

And all that I knew is leaving me like I’m going be killed,

But i’m just an empty vessel waiting to be filled

As I’m neither here nor there
I am somewhere in between the present and nowhere

Where there’s no escape even if I had my guns cocked

My souls locked, my souls locked

And nah this aint nothing to do with the cops my body’s still around the block

But my soul’s not, my soul’s not,

It’s being reprogrammed in another place,

As I turn page after page my souls being set ablaze

So the next time you see me I’ll be spitting fire on the stage

Burning it to a crisp

In the world of fiery knowledge is where my soul is

In between the present and nowhere as no one goes there

Heightening your sense of security

And heightening your sense of fear

This unseen world ain’t no make believe

The black cloud in my eyes showing its possession of me,

Flowing through my blood stream

Replacing my empty words with kerosene to blow up the poetry scene

Because the force behind me aims to take me higher

As I return to this world with the spirit of Malcolm X

Possessed by the fire of the Ghost-Rider

Intending to commit revolutionary suicide,

It is from this mic where this world will be revolutionised

With words as their meanings have no boundaries when they terrorise

Those that terrorise and keep the will of the people from being televised

As there’s another force roaming the earth,

There’s another force roaming the earth

Every time we speak, read or write,

These words just come alive

like the grim reaper reaping for hearts and minds

And I gave them my life, I gave them my life

To heal a world that is disturbed

Because that is the power of the spoken word.