I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you
I’m sorry for everything that you went through
At the beginning of it all
I know that you never thought that this war
Would literally kick down your door
Exposing the real world, a world where the innocent are framed
Is what Tony Blair probably meant
When he said the rules of the game have changed
A world where the truth is in her grave
And Lady Liberty is abused like a prisoner in Abu Ghraib
But I know you know what it feels like and I hate to say it
But I find solace in the darkness of my own solitude
When I’m reminded of what you’ve been through
And what your going through instils a strong sense of belief in me
Strongly disagreeing with Francis Fukiyama
this isn’t the end of history
The innocent wont continue to languish in prison
Which is what they’re putting you through for supporting terrorism
But Bush’s business talks with the Taliban
Was never mentioned through the Television
Or the radio yet still they never let you go
That’s the justice system not practicing what they preach
Whenever I think of your mother,
I picture her over tear flooded streams
when it is only heaven that should lay beneath her feet
Yet far from being frail and weak
Only men of honour are jailed for what they believe
Knowing the day will come where you walk free
Fills me with a strong sense of optimism
To continue fighting for the day
oppression is called out for extradition
And the innocent aren’t done for terrorism but until then
I can’t imagine what it’s like to be thrown off-shore
Probably Resulting in eyes flooded with so much tears you can’t see no more

Resulting in grief stricken pain so great you can’t grieve no more
I really respect you for saying you won’t cry,
You won’t show the world that your cracking up inside,
Know my brother
Freedom comes at a price
And you’ve paid the price
freedom will come to you in the form of paradise,
You’ve paid the price,
freedom will come to you in the form of paradise,
you’ve paid the price,
freedom will come to you in the form of paradise.
God willing