My voice is something more than just sound emanating from the top of my lungs,
its something more than just the sound of my speech when I’m speaking
my voice comes from what I truly believe in….God, Islam and my way of thinking
have been effected by what I’ve been reading in my quest to stop innocent people from bleeding
and use my voice to build a better world for all of us to live in
but the problem is, we all believe that that’s what we’re living in,
that our armed forces are making the world safer
when their actions have forced many countries to hit red alert signifying danger
arms companies are using democracy and freedom, just to make some paper
like Eric Prince who pretends to love Jesus Christ
only to be baptised by capitalism
experienced in selling weapons at the expense of human lives
is what he does for a living
just take a real look at life to see how people are making a killing
funded via our tax and now the powers that be want to take away our right to speak back?
Well not under my watch,
I’m ready for war due to the ammo I’ve stocked
the knowledge I got
is like Malcolm by the window with his gun cocked
or the Palestinian child throwing a rock
in the midst of the rubble
my voice carries the souls of all those who died in the struggle
trying to close the door that permits billions to be made from war
to which I say no more, I scream no more
to let the vibrations of my words resonate
awakening those that are mentally enslaved
by instilling in them something more than just believing in change
because instead of acting for change we react to change
like the movie that has the middle east in flames
due to islamophobes pouring oil over the fire
trying to show that Muslims are animals that should be dead or in a cage
softly implying that anti-imperialism should be contained
when they employed Obama to brainwash people in to believing in change
the reality is that we’ve all been played
like a plague we really thought a tick in a box would bring brighter days
which was their masterplan
for us to go back to our world of Facebook
and taking pictures on instagram
while we think they are simply just gonna up and vanish
from countries like Iraq and Afghanistan?
Will finally hear the plight of Aafia Siddiqui or refuse to extradite
Babar Ahmed or Talha Ahsan?
What’s going on nowadays makes it really evident
that the policies of the world don’t change with the colour of the president
so when it comes to this I’m not that hesitant
to hit the streets correcting the wrongs we hear on TV
because according to my recollection
the News media is a weapon of mass deception
overrun by experts at spreading lies to vindicate war crimes
is one of the reasons why the revolution will never be televised
which begs the question
why isn’t it the truth we’re seeking?
Or whose truth is that we’re reading?
Believing that we shouldn’t speak out
because activism’s become an anachronism
For a bad decision leading to death or prison
Therein lies the problem
Our own inability to see success in the process
has stifled progress
encouraging people not to speak out but speak less
to the point that when we see or hear about atrocities
the best we can do is the only thing the most of us ever do
remain speechless
so although my voice might not avert any tragedies,
might get the death sentence thrown at me,
I’m not afraid
because if I didn’t speak out,
I’d consider myself to be dead already