I’m afraid that on my wedding night
i’m going to have to tell my wife
that i’ve already been unfaithful

that in between the short time
taken to get to the bedroom door
from the main hall
i’m going to have to tell my wife
that she is and will always be 2nd in store

even with our knots tied
my soul will cry out the life in me
as i look for answers frantically
only to conclude
that honesty is the best policy

yes honesty is the best policy
its better to say
even though her heart will break
her dream future of a house and kids will change
over this revelation
and i wont even be ashamed

but i will say that i’m sorry for going off the script
because the truth is i’m already in another relationship
with someone other than my wife
when she appeared in sight
love just hit me like a drive-by
rocking my world like a turbulent flight

imprisoning my mind
as i think of her all the time
whether i’m on the bus, tube
or even now as i write these rhymes

she steals my thoughts as if its a crime
instilling some love in my life
and now
its better, its better to tell my wife
sooner rather than later

even though it might break her up inside
but thats the effect of a lie
like bush lying about iraq
where millions died

resulting in rivers of blood flowing in the streets
which might be a perfect depiction of what she wants to do to me

while she’s wondering
“how can my dreams be so near, yet so far! how can my dreams be so near, yet so far”
on sky news i’m announced dead while she’s spending life behind bars

even though my revelation was the real murder weapon
my revelation was the real murder weapon

with a love as strong as Bonnie and clyde’s
although it may be too late to look back in hindsight
but the truth is my 1st love’s always by my side
inspiring me to pick up my pen and write
and then to hit all the open mic’s
so that the world can get a dose of me
for I am her and she is me

Its the same world we see, the same air we breath
she’s even on the stage with me
going by the name of spoken word poetry