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Liz Fekete talks about whether Islamophobia serves a function; drawing on her recent research into the Oslo massacre and the European-wide assault on multiculturalism, Liz contextualises Islamophobia in terms of the policies that give credence to the new politics of hate. She warns that as austerity measures begin to bite, processes which scapegoat and stigmatised foreigners, vulnerable minorities and anyone deemed ‘different’ for society’s ills are strengthened and the politics of fear and the manipulation of division are part and parcel of wider pro war, neo-liberal and neo-conservative agendas




WITH THE RISE OF “stealth jihad,” “creeping Sharia,” “Islamofascism,” and “terror babies” in places like “The United States of Islamica,” “Eurabia,” and “Londonistan,” who wouldn’t be scared? Fear sells and the Islamophobia Industry — a right-wing cadre of intellectual hucksters, bloggers, politicians, pundits, and religious leaders — knows that all too well. For years they have labored behind the scenes to convince their compatriots that Muslims are the enemy, exhuming the ghosts of 9/11 and dangling them before the eyes of horrified populations for great fortune and fame. Their plan has worked. The tide of Islamophobia that is sweeping through Europe and the United States is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. It is their design. In recent years, Muslim-led terrorist attacks have declined yet anti-Muslim prejudice has soared to new peaks. The fear that the Islamophobia Industry has manufactured is so fierce in its grip on some populations that it drives them to do the unthinkable. This powerful and provocative book explores the dark world of monster making, examining in detail an interconnected, and highly organized cottage industry of fear merchants. Uncovering their scare tactics, revealing their motives, and exposing the interests that drive them, Nathan Lean casts a bright and damning light on this dangerous and influential network.

Product Description

The Islamophobia Industry is a disturbing account of the rising tide of Islamophobia sweeping through the United States and Europe.

Nathan Lean takes us through a world of conservative bloggers, right-wing talk show hosts, evangelical religious leaders and politicians, all united in their quest to exhume the ghosts of 9/11 and convince their compatriots that Islam is the enemy. Lean uncovers their scare tactics, reveals their motives and exposes the ideologies that drive their propaganda machine.

Situating Islamophobia within a long history of national and international phobias, The Islamophobia Industry challenges the narrative of fear that has for too long dominated discussions about Muslims and Islam.

About the Author

Nathan Lean is Editor-In-Chief of Aslan Media and a contributing writer at PolicyMic. He is the co-author of Iran, Israel, and the United States: Regime Security vs. Political Legitimacy (2011).


David Cameron is currently in Brazil trying to boost trade links between both countries.

Cameron is touring Brazil with a number of business delegates and believes that there are major opportunities for UK contractors to use the skills and expertise gained from the London Olympics to bid for work in Rio as it gears up to host the Olympics in 4 years.

According to The Guardian Mr Cameron said

“The visit is about British jobs, British growth and the British economy”

But is this trip really going to fulfil those objectives?

The Guardian article states that since Brazil launched a new defence strategy it is looking to procure a new aircraft carrier, surface ships and frigates. And this is something that the UK government is looking to capitalise on as within the governments business delegation lay BAE systems, General Dynamics and others.

Proponents constantly argue that investment in the arms industry creates jobs however according to Campaign Against the Arms Trade in 2010, only 0.2% of the UK workforce was involved in the arms trade, the arms trade only comprised of 1.2% of total exports, such a low percent was paid for by the tax payer to the tune of £700 million.

Arms companies like BAE systems have been known for supplying in undemocratic states such as Israel and participate in criminal acts such as bribery. The Governments continued support to such an organisation brings to question its sincerity against corruption.

Below is a video of an egyptian activist Mona Eltahawy arrested for defacing a ‘savage’ anti-Jihad ad and therefore protesting against its racism connotations

My Voice

My voice is something more than just sound emanating from the top of my lungs,
its something more than just the sound of my speech when I’m speaking
my voice comes from what I truly believe in….God, Islam and my way of thinking
have been effected by what I’ve been reading in my quest to stop innocent people from bleeding
and use my voice to build a better world for all of us to live in
but the problem is, we all believe that that’s what we’re living in,
that our armed forces are making the world safer
when their actions have forced many countries to hit red alert signifying danger
arms companies are using democracy and freedom, just to make some paper
like Eric Prince who pretends to love Jesus Christ
only to be baptised by capitalism
experienced in selling weapons at the expense of human lives
is what he does for a living
just take a real look at life to see how people are making a killing
funded via our tax and now the powers that be want to take away our right to speak back?
Well not under my watch,
I’m ready for war due to the ammo I’ve stocked
the knowledge I got
is like Malcolm by the window with his gun cocked
or the Palestinian child throwing a rock
in the midst of the rubble
my voice carries the souls of all those who died in the struggle
trying to close the door that permits billions to be made from war
to which I say no more, I scream no more
to let the vibrations of my words resonate
awakening those that are mentally enslaved
by instilling in them something more than just believing in change
because instead of acting for change we react to change
like the movie that has the middle east in flames
due to islamophobes pouring oil over the fire
trying to show that Muslims are animals that should be dead or in a cage
softly implying that anti-imperialism should be contained
when they employed Obama to brainwash people in to believing in change
the reality is that we’ve all been played
like a plague we really thought a tick in a box would bring brighter days
which was their masterplan
for us to go back to our world of Facebook
and taking pictures on instagram
while we think they are simply just gonna up and vanish
from countries like Iraq and Afghanistan?
Will finally hear the plight of Aafia Siddiqui or refuse to extradite
Babar Ahmed or Talha Ahsan?
What’s going on nowadays makes it really evident
that the policies of the world don’t change with the colour of the president
so when it comes to this I’m not that hesitant
to hit the streets correcting the wrongs we hear on TV
because according to my recollection
the News media is a weapon of mass deception
overrun by experts at spreading lies to vindicate war crimes
is one of the reasons why the revolution will never be televised
which begs the question
why isn’t it the truth we’re seeking?
Or whose truth is that we’re reading?
Believing that we shouldn’t speak out
because activism’s become an anachronism
For a bad decision leading to death or prison
Therein lies the problem
Our own inability to see success in the process
has stifled progress
encouraging people not to speak out but speak less
to the point that when we see or hear about atrocities
the best we can do is the only thing the most of us ever do
remain speechless
so although my voice might not avert any tragedies,
might get the death sentence thrown at me,
I’m not afraid
because if I didn’t speak out,
I’d consider myself to be dead already

EDL sympathiser the Christian Defence League reblogged a post from my blog on the arrest of EDL supporter Kenneth Holden who was charged with anti-Muslim rants. Holden sent public messages on Facebook inciting terrorism via pipe bombs and threatening to do the Muslim community ‘Oslo’ style. This is clear incitement but as you can see from the picture below


According to the Christian Defence League, incitement with threats of terrorism and violence is basically free speech



A former soldier wrote anti-Islamic comments on his Facebook page he started supporting the English Defence League (EDL).

Kenneth Holden, 30, was arrested after police were alerted to two updates he posted on his personal page on the social network site, abusing Muslims.

Holden, of Winskell Road, South Shields, pleaded guilty to two counts of sending an offensive message by a public communication network at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Claire Wright, prosecuting, said: “On April 21, the two messages were brought to the attention of the police. Officers searched Facebook and found the defendant’s page and saw the religiously abusive comments. He was arrested, and asked the police if it was because he didn’t like Muslims.”

Kevin Smallcombe, defending, said: “He was in the Army, and has some fairly strong views about Muslims. He supports some of the beliefs of the English Defence League and believes that the group was started after some Muslims spat on soldiers who were returning from Afghanistan.

“The comments on Facebook were of a religious nature. Some people say it is part of free speech, but by his guilty plea Mr Holden accepts he crossed the line. Most of our country has fair and tolerant views but some are extremists, on both sides of this argument.” Mr Smallcombe added that while Holden supports the EDL, these posts were not in any way to do with the group.

Magistrates adjourned the case until Monday for the probation service to prepare a report about him. He was granted bail until then.

Shields Gazette, 26 September 2012

These abusive anti-Muslim posts “were not in any way to do with” the EDL, a group that specialises in abusing Muslims? Give us a break.

Holden’s comments included death threats against Muslims. He claimed to have a pipe bomb and added “GIVE ME A GUN AND AL DO U ALL OSLO STYLE”. Yet he was convicted only of sending an offensive message.

Even allowing for the fact that he was presumably charged with a religiously aggravated offence, this seems inexcusably lenient. You can imagine how much more harshly a Muslim would be dealt with if they posted terrorist threats on the internet.


On the 24th September 2012 the European Court of Human Rights gave its final approval to legalise the extradition of Babar Ahmad and 4 others, under charges of terrorism, to the United States.

According to the BBC

“The US says that mr Ahmad and co-accused, Syed Talha Ahsan, ran a jihadist website in London that provided material support for terrorism”

The website in question, closed since 2002, was called which supported Chechen and Taliban fighters.

But when it comes to supporting groups like the Taliban, weren’t the only ones supporting the Taliban, The US has a history of supporting them too.

It is a known fact that during the soviet invasion of Afghanistan, The CIA were training the very fighters that would go on to form the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. In fact, some reports suggest that the CIA was in direct contact with Bin Laden. Mark Custis states in his book Secret Affairs: Britains Collusion with Radical Islam

“There is no evidence of direct British or US support to Bin Laden, but one CIA source has claimed that US emissaries met directly with Bin Laden and it was he who first suggested that the Mujahideen be supplied with Stinger Anti-Aircraft Missiles” pg 138

The United States continued its relationship with the Taliban after the soviets were defeated.

In 1997, according to the BBC News, a senior delegation from the Taliban were in Texas for talks with Unocal, an international energy company that wanted to construct a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan across Afghanistan to Pakistan.

In 2001 the Bush regime resumed the talks with the Taliban, arguing the Taliban to widen their government and include members of the Northern Alliance and look more favourably at the US company’s attempts to install the gas pipeline.

The Talibans refusal to work with the Northern Alliance stalled the talks which forced a response from a bush representative to the Taliban in the form of a military reprisal

This represents the hypocrisy of it all. That Babar Ahmad is being extradited to the US for administering a site that was supporting the very same group of people that the US were trying to do business deals with.

Currently Babar Ahmad is being extradited to the US, The Home Secretary Theresa May has stated that the Home Office is working diligently to extradite him and the rest as fast as possible.

For more information on the case of Babar Ahmad and to find out how to help, please click here

If you want to find out more about western connections to extremist Muslim groups please read Mark Curtis’s Secret Affairs: Britains Collusion with Radical Islam



Pamela Geller

Date of Birth: 1958
Location: New York, N.Y.
Most Recent Group: Stop Islamization of America
Ideology: Anti-Muslim

Pamela Geller is the anti-Muslim movement’s most visible and flamboyant figurehead. She’s relentlessly shrill and coarse in her broad-brush denunciations of Islam and makes preposterous claims, such as that President Obama is the “love child” of Malcolm X. She makes no pretense of being learned in Islamic studies, leaving the argumentative heavy lifting to her Stop Islamization of America partner Robert Spencer. Geller has mingled comfortably with European racists and fascists, spoken favorably of South African racists, defended Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadzic and denied the existence of Serbian concentration camps. She has taken a strong pro-Israel stance to the point of being sharply critical of Jewish liberals.

In Her Own Words
“Islam is not a race. This is an ideology. This is an extreme ideology, the most radical and extreme ideology on the face of the earth.”
— Pam Geller On Fox Business’ “Follow the Money,” March 10, 2011

“Obama is a third worlder and a coward. He will do nothing but beat up on our friends to appease his Islamic overlords.”
— Pam Geller,, April 13, 2010

“Hussein [meaning President Obama] is a muhammadan. He’s not insane … he wants jihad to win.”
— Pam Geller,, April 11, 2010

“I don’t think that many westernized Muslims know when they pray five times a day that they’re cursing Christians and Jews five times a day. … I believe in the idea of a moderate Muslim. I do not believe in the idea of a moderate Islam.”
— Pam Geller, The New York Times, Oct. 8, 2010

“Now do I see everything through the prism of Israel? No, I don’t, but I do think it’s a very good guide. It’s a very good guide because, like I said, in the war between the civilized man and the savage, you side with the civilized man. … If you don’t lay down and die for Islamic supremacism, then you’re a racist anti-Muslim Islamophobic bigot. That’s what we’re really talking about.”
– Pam Geller, The New York Times, Oct. 8, 2010

Pamela Geller spent most of the 1980s working at The New York Daily News in financial analysis, advertising and marketing. Later, she became associate publisher of The New York Observer and stayed in that position until 1994. According to one online resume, she also served as senior vice president for strategic planning and performance evaluation at Brandeis University.

Married in 1990 to Michael Oshry, Geller spent the 1990s and most of the 2000s as a well-to-do Long Island housewife. After divorcing in 2007, she mostly busied herself rearing her four children, writing blogs and posting slam poetry-style videos trashing all things liberal on her YouTube channel.

Geller and Oshry were co-owners, along with Christ Tsiropoulous, of at least two car dealerships before the Gellers divorced in 2007. That was the same year Collin Thomas, one of their salesmen, was gunned down while closing their dealership, Universal Auto World, one evening.

The investigation into the murder uncovered an alleged fraud ring. According to the New York Daily News, employees enabled “underground characters,” including “known” drug dealers, to buy luxury cars using fake identities. Eleven people who worked for the dealership, including Tsiropoulous, were arrested, but Geller escaped the scandal unscathed. According to The New York Times, she received a $4 million divorce settlement, a portion of $1.8 million from the sale of the Long Island home and then a $5 million life insurance payment when Oshry died a few months after remarrying in 2008. The criminal case has not moved forward since the 2008 arrests.

In October 2010, Geller told The New York Times she was profoundly affected by the 9/11 attacks. After contributing essays to various websites that examined Muslim militancy, including Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs, she launched her own website. She named her website “Atlas Shrugs” in honor of right-wing hero and self-described objectivist author Ayn Rand, a Geller idol whose 1957 novel Atlas Shrugged celebrates pure capitalism unrestrained by government regulation or social welfare measures. The unvarnished anti-Muslim stridency of Atlas Shrugs won followers; Geller republished the 2005 cartoons of Muhammad from the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, for example, when most other media demurred.

Johnson, a moderate conservative, later broke sharply with Geller, calling her an anti-Muslim “hatemonger.” After Geller, who is Jewish, posted a critique of the Islamic halal practice of slaughtering animals for food in September 2010, Johnson pointed out that kosher practice is almost identical and observed, “My GOD she is stupid.”

Geller began her evolution from blogger to public activist in 2007 when she joined Stop the Madrassa, a project of a group of intense anti-Muslim activists determined to block the opening of a secular public Arabic-English school, the Khalil Gibran International Academy, in Brooklyn, N.Y. The campaign was intended as an early stand in a planned nationwide movement to counteract the efforts of American Muslims to meld into American society, according to one of its leaders, prolific anti-radical Muslim polemicist Daniel Pipes. Though the school ultimately opened anyway, Stop the Madrassa’s efforts to cast the school’s widely admired founding principal, Dhabah “Debbie” Almontaser, as a radical extremist succeeded in pressuring her to resign.

A proposal by a New York City imam and his financier partner to renovate an abandoned building in lower Manhattan into a 13-story mosque and community center would prove to be Geller’s ticket to anti-Muslim superstardom. Geller first blogged about the project, originally known as Cordoba House but later called the Park51 project, in December 2009. Four months later, she and longtime radical Muslim alarmist Robert Spencer joined forces, taking over the organization Stop Islamization of America (SIOA), then an unexciting adjunct of a Denmark-based group called Stop Islamization of Europe. One of SIOA’s first projects was to purchase controversial bus ads in New York and Miami inviting Muslims to reject Islam.

In June 2010, just two months after taking over SIOA, Geller and Spencer staged a rally in Lower Manhattan to oppose the Park51 project. It drew thousands of demonstrators, and plenty of media coverage. As had been done with Almontaser, Geller and Spencer led an effort to depict the project’s planners as radical extremists. They insinuated – with little to go on – that the project’s financing might be tied to terrorists. They absurdly described the project as an Islamic “victory mosque” to celebrate the 9/11 attacks, modeled after Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock, though no Muslim had ever suggested such a thing. Geller and Spencer were able to build SIOA into a propaganda powerhouse that the Southern Poverty Law Center listed as an anti-Muslim hate group in 2010.

By mid-2010, the telegenic Geller had become a virtual fixture on Fox News, invited to comment not only on the supposed threat posed by Muslims and Shariah law in America but even on popular unrest in Arabic countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

Through her website, Geller has promulgated some of the most bizarre conspiracy theories found on the extreme right, including claims that President Obama is the love child of Malcolm X, that Obama was once involved with a “crack whore,” that his birth certificate is a forgery, that his late mother posed nude for pornographic photos, and that he was a Muslim in his youth who never renounced Islam. She has described Obama as beholden to his “Islamic overlords” and said that he wants jihad to be victorious in America. In April 2011, Geller accused Obama of withholding evidence in the then-upcoming trial of accused Fort Hood mass murderer Major Nidal Malik Hasan.

Geller uses her website to publish her most revolting insults of Muslims: She posted (and later removed) a video implying that Muslims practiced bestiality with goats and a cartoon depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammad with a pig’s face (observant Muslims do not eat pork). Geller also has denied the genocide of Bosnian Muslims by Serbian forces in Srebrenica – calling it the “Srebrenica Genocide Myth,” even though the Serbian government itself issued a state apology for the massacre. She wrote, “Westerners are admitting to their role in something that didn’t happen, and digging their own graves.”

Geller will ally with virtually any individual or movement that expresses stridently anti-Muslim sentiments, no matter how otherwise repugnant. As a result, she has frequently rubbed shoulders with elements of white radicalism. In 2009, Geller was invited to address the German far-right organization Pro Köln [Cologne], described as a successor group to the neo-fascist German League for People and Homeland. Pro Köln at the time was under investigation by the German authorities because of its defamation of foreigners and suspected violations of “human dignity.” As of early 2011, Pro Köln was officially deemed a right-wing extremist group by the German authorities.

Geller is an enthusiastic fan of Dutch anti-Muslim extremist Geert Wilders. He was charged in 2009 with hate-incitement in the Netherlands, but not convicted. She invited Wilders to speak at the June 2010 “Ground Zero Mosque” rally. In June 2010, Geller spoke at an event in Paris put on by the Bloc Identitaire, which opposes race-mixing and “Islamic imperialism.”

Geller invited the notorious British anti-Muslim group English Defence League (EDL) to her September 2010 anti-mosque rally in New York. The previous May, a report by the British newspaper The Guardian revealed the EDL as thugs who hold anti-Muslim protests intended to provoke violence. Because of its racism and history, the EDL’s leader, Tommy Robinson, was denied entry at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York and sent back to England.

Yet Geller described the EDL in May 2010 as “courageous English patriots” when the group mobilized popular anger to oppose the construction of a mosque in the town of Dudley, near Birmingham, England. “There is nothing racist, fascist, or bigoted about the EDL,” she wrote. In February 2010, she wrote in her blog, “I share the E.D.L.’s goals. We need to encourage rational, reasonable groups that oppose the Islamisation of the West.”

In February 2011, she spoke favorably of Soviet leader Josef Stalin’s forced relocation and genocide of Chechen Muslims after World War II, arguing – wrongly – that they were allied with Adolf Hitler. Historians say Chechens were fighting to preserve their own freedom and culture.

Geller’s incendiary rhetoric and readiness to deny civil freedoms and the presumption of innocence to Muslims hasn’t prevented her from gaining a measure of mainstream acceptability. In late March 2011, she was even invited by the Alaska House of Representatives to testify on a proposed anti-Shariah bill.

Geller’s anti-Muslim stance has also drawn the admiration of white nationalist and even neo-Nazi proponents on the extreme right – a rather remarkable feat, considering she is Jewish. She has been the subject of positive postings on racist websites such as Stormfront, VDARE, American Renaissance and the neo-Confederate League of the South.

Geller was one of several prominent anti-Muslim activists cited by the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik in the manifesto he posted online hours before killing 77 of his countrymen, mostly teenagers, at a left-wing youth camp in August 2011. In the wake of the attack, Geller downplayed the influence of her views on Breivik, making much of the fact that his screed had only mentioned her by name once. This conveniently ignored the manifesto’s dozen citations of her blog and 64 mentions of her SIOA partner, Robert Spencer. At the same time, Geller couldn’t help displaying some sympathy for Breivik’s actions against the young multiculturalists. “Breivik,” she wrote, “was targeting the future leaders of the party responsible for flooding Norway with Muslims.”

Despite Geller’s willingness to publish outright lies (such as her baseless theories about President Barack Obama) and align herself with European racists and fascists, she likes to present herself as the voice of reason, unfairly tarred as an extremist. In an October 2011 appearance, she told an audience that she is only “painted as a racist, Islamophobic, anti-Muslim bigot” because her enemies want to silence her. “You’re demonized, you’re marginalized, and you’re rated radioactive,” she complained.

In January 2012, Geller formed Stop the Islamization of Nations (SION), a new international organization, with herself as executive director. SION joins SIOA with the European anti-Muslim group that inspired it, Anders Gravers’ Denmark-based Stop the Islamization of Europe (SIOE). The new organization intends to create a “common American/European coalition of free people” to oppose the advance of Islamic law.” It will also publicize the names of politicians, activists and others who promote the alleged Islamic agenda in the West.

Geller, however, found herself meeting resistance not just from the supposed “leftist, Islamic alliance” and the “complicit and dangerous” media she detests. In February 2012, she had to fight to get a spot at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C., presumably because she had become an embarrassment. Infuriated and defiant, she said that CPAC’s “puppet-master” leaders had “abandoned conservative principles,” while ignoring the threat posed by Islamic extremism. And in June, the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, bowing to a growing chorus of criticism, canceled a planned lecture by Geller just hours before it was to be delivered. Geller reacted to this new slight by making references to the Holocaust: “Jewish leadership is on the trains and thinks we will go quietly.”

20120924-113106.jpg[Source]The New York transport authority said its “hands are tied” after a court ruled in favour of a conservative blogger who sued for the right to display a pro-Israel ad campaign calling Islamic radicals “savage”. The signs go on display starting Monday.

Poster advertisements likening Muslim radicals to savages are set to appear on the New York subway system on Monday after a conservative blogger won a court order allowing them to be displayed.

The provocative ad reads: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

Rightwing writer Pamela Geller, who once led a campaign against an Islamic centre near the site of the 9/11 terror attacks in New York, won the court order in August.
The posters will appear in 10 city subway stations from Monday.
The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) had initially refused to allow Geller’s advertisements to be displayed, calling the message “demeaning”.
But a US District Court Judge ruled last month that she was protected under the First Amendment, which provides freedom of religion and of expression.
“Our hands are tied,” MTA spokesman Aaron Donavan told the Associated Press. “Under our existing ad standards as modified by the injunction, the MTA is required to run the ad.”
The poster campaign will run for one month, at a cost of 6,000 dollars. The same posters have also appeared in recent weeks on buses in San Francisco, where many were defaced with words such as “Defeat Racism” plastered over the word “Jihad”, which means Muslim Holy War.
Geller’s group Stop Islamization of America, has also run ad campaigns in New York with the words: “It’s not Islamophobia, it’s Islamorealism.”
Geller said she was due to file a suit against transport authorities in the US capital Washington, which has said it will not put the posters up because of the uproar in the Middle East over the amateur US film “Innocence of the Muslims” which insulted the Prophet Mohammed.
Geller, who is head of the ultra-conservative American Freedom Defense Initiative, said she was not worried that her advertisements might cause a repeat of the violence that has killed some 30 people, including the US Ambassador to Libya.
“I will not sacrifice my freedom so as not to offend savages,” she said.