There’s another world out there

There’s another world out there

Where something so potent and powerful lays bare

And even though it’s out there

It’s not like we really care

When our heads tuned in to our televisions and our headphones

This world isn’t that exposed

You’ll only find it in places like Amazon and waterstones

Its power to the brain is like oxygen when we breathe

Giving sight to those who cant see

Enabling them to understanding what something means

In jail

It’s the only thing that set Malcolm free

But we don’t really spend time in this activity

Yet actively we cant live without its vocabulary

Obsessed with words like the word free

Free your mind, free Kashmir, free Palestine

Iqra, the first word revealed ordering to read and recite

And if our first order was to read and recite

Then tell me

In school and education why are we so behind?

I know soldiers were deployed in the Helmand

But why do people think of terrorism when they think of Pakistan?

There’s more to a country with a 187 million human beings

And theres more to a human being than the colour of their skin

Or what they believe in

So the discourse needs to be reframed

I said the discourse needs to be reframed as things cant stay the

Once upon a time we were the harbingers of positive change

But now we’re enslaved in these social chains

So in order to break free lets switch off the music and TV

And read to stock bullets in our brains

As reverend Jesse Jackson said

“You need strong minds to break strong chains”

You see our ancestors laid the foundations of universities and

And although the apple has fallen from the tree

It didn’t fall that far from it

As they continue to drop drones

We should respond by dropping knowledge

Because the word is more powerful than the sword

Like the Qur’an a weapon the likes of which

We’ve never seen before

But yet we’re still more focused on becoming rap sensations on youtube

As the far right align Europe wide to get rid of me and you

But our eyes aren’t open to that truth

They’re fixated on chilling for hours on end in that sheesha spot

Even though when one of our role models, 2pac, was asked what he did
in jail

He said that he read a lot

Which is like a fact sworn to secrecy

Many celebrities read to be better human beings and to improve their literacy

Like Lowkey who said that the thing that changed his life was Malcolm X’s autobiography

You see knowledge can be the light during dark times

Helping you fly above those dark skies

And can give you the strength to rise like the dark knight

But not wanting something educational to read

Is the same message promoted by the powers that be

Like king Nimrod who killed little babies to prevent the rise of the chosen one

Which is the same when they pay millions to an industry tempting youths to go and play with guns

Committing mental infanticide

Just ask DMX who said

“The industry, if you aint got a strong mind. The Industry will break you down it’s a matter of time”

It’s really simple and plain as clear as night and day

As we protest in the streets for change

Our brains are enslaved by the chains of ignorance

Making us mentally indolent

Constantly being the victim of thought crimes

When it doesn’t have to be as Malcolm X Said

“The ability to read woke inside of me some long dormant cravings to be mentally alive”

So make sure you constantly read, constantly turning that key to unlock and free your mind