My Homiez

You guys have always been there for me,
It must be due to Allah’s mercy because you guys were written for me,

and knowing you guys personally it’s not to hard to see,
what Allah’s reasons would be for making you befriend someone like me,

whenever I needed you, you guys were always a phone call away,
no matter what I put you through, you guys never failed to come through in my most darkest of days,

and this would happen almost everytime,
not many people know but I’d cry every night in my teenage years because guys like you are rare to find,

Being bright like stars,
holding on to your friendship helps remove my lonely scars

you guys are worth more than your weight in gold,
the world and everything in it, isn’t worth even a cent of your precious souls

once unknown but now Allah has united our estranged hearts,
this ones for my Homiez, you guys know who you are,

I’ve never really done anything for you so I thought I’d make a start,
so I got up my notes app on my iPhone and just started writing from my heart,

But justice just can’t seem to be served no matter what I do, there’s so much I wanna say but these words just seem so few,

you guys are almost like family and not just part of some little crew,
so I’d like to end this by saying I love all of you